Transportation Planning and Design

From roadway, bridge, and traffic signal design to water mains and environmental permitting, your community is challenged every day to be at its best. To help you, our professionals are constantly seeking ways to improve infrastructure without disrupting the daily lives of the citizens you serve.

ZAPATA has partnered with infrastructure design experts at LJB Inc. to provide innovative infrastructure solutions that meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands. Our team has been strategically developed to tackle large and complex projects in tight time frames.

Through the following services, we will assist you in developing and maintaining proper infrastructure – the foundation for successful communities, institutions and businesses.

    • Asset management
    • Bridge
    • Environmental sciencedownload-icon
  • Roadway
  • Site development
  • Survey
  • Traffic
  • Transportation planning
  • Water resources


For additional information, please contact:
Marty Ray, VP Strategy & Planning
Phone: (704) 358-8240