ZAPATA has an excellent workers’ compensation claim history. We submit very few injury claims, which in turn saves money for all parties involved: ZAPATA, our employees, and the insurance company. 2017 was no exception. ZAPATA’s proven commitment to safety and health, plus its history of minimal injury claims, dictate the firm’s 2018 insurance premiums and experience modification rate (EMR).

Average Workers’ Compensation EMR = 1.0
ZAPATA’s Workers’ Compensation EMR = .77

In order to qualify for the BB&T Insurance Lighthouse Beam Safety Award, companies must have a workers’ compensation EMR of 0.84 or less; ZAPATA’s EMR is .77.

“ZAPATA’s commitment to safety and excellence, combined with their claim history, has earned them the BB&T Insurance Lighthouse Beam safety award for excellence, our highest level of award, for each of the past 8 years.” (BB&T Insurance Services, Inc.)