Who is ZAPATA®?

ZAPATA® is a full-service Architecture-Engineering (A-E) and field services firm providing comprehensive and sustainable
A-E design; construction management; transportation; environmental compliance and cleanup; geophysics; and turnkey military munitions response services. ZAPATA has successfully resolved our clients’ challenges from Massachusetts to Alaska to Chile and the Northern Mariana Islands, as well as locations in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We are totally committed to our clients’ success.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

We have extensive architecture and engineering design and analysis experience. Our team includes architects and engineers of all disciplines, providing a comprehensive team to meet your facility challenges.

Environmental and Military Munitions

Our team of environmental scientists, biologists, geologists, cultural resource specialists, environmental planners, and engineers can effectively address any environmental challenge.

Transportation Planning and Design

We have transportation design experts that provide innovative infrastructure solutions to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands for both public and private organizations.